We create target-oriented programmes on individual demand. Whether the task is easy or complicated. Whether it is based on certain specification or joint brainstorming. The aim is to create the adequate software; as well as in use, in simplicity and in maintenance. Among our softwares you may find the production support small tools, eg. data backup from PLCs to excel file, via providing ; and the development of software packages for small enterprises. Our developments are primarily used in automation, since we have thorough experience in this field.

We use the following technologies

  • Authentication: Use of Bar, QR code and RFID
  • Data storage: In MSSQL, MySql, Oracle cloud or in standalone environment
  • Data mining
  • Development to a mobile device (phone, tablet)
  • Thin and fat client applications
  • Frontend development (web interface) primarily to intranet


We make softwares for industrial controls and for the related display interfaces on individual customer demand. In order to start the process of software development, we require our customers to provide us data.

Please send us your specification or statement of work – if you already have one, and we will find the most appropriate solution for you at our best knowledge and experience.

In case you do not have a statement of work, still do not hesitate to contact us, since we have many years’ experience behind our back and we will help you with pleasure.

In the workphase of coding, we design, then make the first version of the software based on the specification. Generally speaking, we only utilize languages supported by the industry accepted IEC 61131-3 standard. We prefer to use SFC and ST languages from the five supported programming languages, however, we also use the other three languages on our customers’ special request. ( LD, FBD, IL )

The testing of the software can happen at our company, but we are also able to do this at our customers’ premises on demand. Based on the results of the tests and the feedbacks of our customer, we modify the software and rerun the test.

After accepting the final version of the software, we participate in the implementation of the software with the training of staff members and handing over the documentation. After the implementation of the software, we are pleased to give advice to our customers and handle their further claims.

We primarily work with the following tools and standards:

  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Bosch OPCON PLUS standard
  • Bosch OpCon Classic: L40, VEP30, Opcon Engineering System, Indralogic, WinSPS, MES
  • Bosch MADAP standard: CL200, CL400
  • Beckhoff
  • SIEMENS TIA portal
  • Phoenix Contact

With us...

You can increase the capacity of your production line,
decrease the Takt time of your machines,
the expenses on waste and Idle time
and save energy and money.

If your are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us!