• Mechanical and electrical design
  • Project management
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Installation
  • Change of controls

Auware Engineering design and manufacture automatic and half-automatic specific purpose machines on customer demand. Whether it is a less complicated assembly station or even multi-robot automat cells that require high level of expertise, feel free to contact us! Our engineers and colleagues have thorough experience on the field of automation. Our special purpose machine construction projects are entirely supervised by our team from the design-manufacturing process, through the assembly work, to the warranty. This is how we provide continuous high quality engineering services to our customers. We are aimed at making our customers satisfied in the short and in the long run.

Apart from constructing new machines, we change old systems and controls as promptly as possible (even with multi-shift installation) and in the most flexible manner (modification on location, without moving or transport, and if the technology enables the refurbishment is made in several installments).

With us...

You can increase the capacity of your production line,
decrease the Takt time of your machines,
the expenses on waste and Idle time
and save energy and money.

If your are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us!